on Void & the ZPF

The Zero Point Field gets some coverage in The Perfect Discourse, here Hermes discusses The Void.

I consider that there is no void, there never could have been a void and there never will be a void. All parts of the cosmos are totally full, so that the cosmos itself is full and complete with bodies that differ in both form and quality; and each has its own appearance and size. One may be larger than another and one smaller; one may be more dense and another more subtle. Those that are more dense are more easily seen, as are those which are larger. Those that are smaller or subtler can only be seen with difficulty and sometimes not at all. These we know of only by keen attention.

on Consciousness

Consciousness in its totality, being similar to divinity, is itself motionless, yet it moves itself within its own stillness.

Consciousness is holy, uncorrupt and eternal and whatever can be named higher than that, if anything can be.

Hermes _ The Perfect Discourse

on praise to the Divine

Reading G.R.S. Mead’s Hymns of Hermes ‘Ecstatic Songs of Gnosis’, he asks the question of who is actually capable of singing God’s praises when it requires the whole universe and the countless universes of all that is, to sign the praises of God in any truly adequate manner?

Who, then, what man, has the understanding wherewith to praise God fitly, when through in his separated consciousness he knows not who he is, he yet begins to realise that “who he really is” must inevitably be God and no other?

In what manner can the Divine sing praises of itself as of some other than itself, when ‘I’ and ‘Thou’ must essentially be one, and the utterance of praise as of some other one seems to be a departure from the blessed state of that Divine intuition.

Give that some thought.

The Absolute produces Mind contemplating itself

It is self-conscious and from Mind proceeds the Soul of the World.

The One participates in all; souls, separate in space and time, being present to one another in the Soul of the Whole.

The Soul of the World is not in time, but, just as light passes by gradations into darkness, so does the Ineffable pass, without loss, through gradations of being; and, even as privation of light is darkness, so is the privation of God evil; though even in evil there is a rational order which issues in good.

Parts from Wiliam Boulting’s GIORDANO BRUNO ‘His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom’ Volume 1