Divination & Entheogens

Exploring the Divine

“Entheogen” is a word coined by scholars proposing to replace the term “psychedelic” and more appropriately designate the revered plants and substances used in traditional rituals, the term ‘entheogen’ means ‘becoming divine within’ or ‘generating the divine within’.

Many people who explore entheogens experience something outside of the standard Western materialistic scientism framework; a conscious, intelligent, energetic meta-universe, and meaningful exchanges with autonomous beings.

In short, exploring and interacting with the divine.

In order to explore the divine one needs a structure, a wisdom system that can provide a framework and guide, and some hermetic divination systems are capable of providing just that. To practice divination is not only to ‘reveal’ but also to ‘guide’, with a proper understanding of a suitable and effective system, it is possible to plan, implement, and integrate entheogenic experiences.

The divination system can also be used to plan ceremonies, focus intentions, navigate energies, and create safe spaces. Making it possible to explore the divine and turn those often peak experiences into something meaningful, and handling information that can be better integrated back into everyday life.