This is the online store of a hermetic plant alchemist Hermesphilus ™ offering planetary healing balms, cell rejuvnation serums and antiviral immune boosting supplements.

Hermesphilus ™ planetary healing balms, serums and supplements are moisturises, rejuvenate cells and assist the microbiota of plants, animals and humans.

This set contains one of each of ancient movers, Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each of the Hermesphilus ™ planetary healing balms, serums and supplements are made from carefully selected ingredients and the active compounds are crafted with focused intent and in small batches on the respective corresponding astrologically days and hours.

Each consist of at least three functional botanical compounds, these planetary healing balms and serums will assist focusing the current of sympathies and correspondence of the individual planetary powers, and healing our relationship with Nature in an axiomatic way.

The manufacturing process of the botanical compounds is vegan, organic compliant, and all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). The balms and serums support the natural skin microbiota, and promote cell rejuvenation, they also boost the immune system through the absorption of antioxidants. They are anti-pathogenic and have been tested by independent accredited laboratories regularly over more than a decade. The tests all meet the international ILAC protocol requirements and confirm the exceptional bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy.

Hermesphilus ™ balms are antiviral, virucidal testing at reputable international institutions have demonstrated an exceptional ability to successfully inhibit the latching and proliferation of corona-type viruses. Demonstrating more than 90% infected cell rejuvenation and viability, confirming the efficacy of the botanical compounds against pathogenic viral infections. The balms are effective in inhibiting viral latching and proliferation while actively enhancing cell viability. Toxicity tests have been conducted for skin irritation, inhalation, eye contact and LD50. Independent laboratory tests and trials have confirmed the moisturising, cell rejuvenation and scar-reduction properties of the balm.

Each of the ancient movers, the Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn has both a balm and serum.