Our business is to wake up. We have to find ways in which to detect the whole of reality in the illusionary part which our self-centered consciousness permits us to see. Aldous Huxley (via towardtheone)

Diligently heat the roots of consciousness and life. Kindly light in the blessed country ever close at hand. And there hidden, let thy true self always dwell. The Hui Ming Ching

Alectryomancy. Divination by chicken, a very common mode of divination in the ancient world. To perform it, the diviner marks out a circle, dividing it into segments corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. A grain of wheat is placed on each letter while an incantation is recited. A white chicken is then set in […]

It is evidently an absurdity to believe that any system could be true, unless it contained the truth. But it is equally evident that a thing cannot be true and false at the same time. The truth can only be one. The truth never changes; but we ourselves change, and as we change so changes […]