Let her be :: Marina Abramović

Can we please see some respect and basic courtesy afforded to Marina Abramović.  If you are accusing her of Satanism then more than likely you are a Christian.

I need to open my heart,” Abramović told the New York Times in a new interview. “I really want to ask these people, ‘Can you stop with this? Can you stop harassing me? Can’t you see that this is just the art I’ve been doing for 50 years of my life?’

So how about putting the pitchforks and stones down and practising some of those virtues you profess to uphold.

Learn more about her https://mai.art and up your game, your actions tell us who you are.

Marina Abramović

We are the heirs and propagators of Paganism …

Happy is he who, for the sake of Paganism, bears the burden of persecution with firm hope.

Who else have civilised the world, and built cities if not the nobles and kings of Paganism.

Who else have set in order the harbours and rivers?

And who else have taught the hidden wisdom?

To whom else has the Deity revealed itself, given oracles, and told about the future, if not to the famous men among the pagans?

The pagans have made known all of this.

They have discovered the art of healing the soul.

They have also made known the art of healing the body.

They have filled the earth with settled forms of government, and with wisdom, which is the highest good.

Without Paganism the world would be empty and miserable.

Thabit ibn Qurrah (835-901) _ student of Harran’s university.

Liberation Mentor podcast

In July 2019 I was interviewed on a podcast by a longstanding friend Nic Gregoriades.

“A high-level Freemason, occultist and successful entrepreneur, Robin V has some deep insights into the human experience. In this episode he shares with us the practical applications of mental mastery and spirituality including how we can use them to enhance our personal lives, businesses and careers.”


Plant Signaling and Behaviour

What started off as a shelf of books in the Surgeon General’s office in 1836 has grown to a collection of millions of print and electronic resources, the U.S. National Library of Medicine has an impressive collection which it generously makes available on its website.

One article worth taking a look at is Plant Signaling and Behaviour, their results suggest that plants are intelligent organisms capable of thought and memory.   Here is the Abstract and Summary.

Secret life of plants
From memory to intelligence


Plants are able to perform photosynthesis and cannot escape from environmental stresses, so they therefore developed sophisticated, highly responsive and dynamic physiology. Others’ and our results indicate that plants solve their optimal light acclimation and immune defenses, photosynthesis and transpiration by a computational algorithm of the cellular automation.

Our recent results however suggest that plants are capable of processing information encrypted in light intensity and in its energy. With the help of nonphotochemical quenching and photoelectrophysiological signaling (PEPS) plants are able to perform biological quantum computation and memorize light training in order to optimize their Darwinian fitness.

Animals have their network of neuron synapses, electrophysiological circuits and memory, but plants have their network of chloroplasts connected by stromules, PEPS circuits transduced by bundle sheath cells and cellular light memory. It is suggested that plants could be intelligent organisms with much higher organism organization levels than it was thought before.


Plants solve their optimal light acclimation and immune defenses (SAAR), photosynthesis, gas exchange and transpiration with help of a mathematical algorithm (cellular automation) in which input, output and processing of the data are all accomplished using the same hardware. Our experiments identified some parts of this hardware, which includes quantum-redox sensing and changes in PSII (e.g., changes in transthylakoid ΔpH, in NPQ and redox status of the glutathione and plastoquinone pools), PEPS, ROS/hormonal circuits and finally the cellular light memory.

Probably, this is the most elegant system that evolved in complex photosynthetic organisms, since it uses absorbed photons energy in excess by some leaves to improve survival chances of a whole plant. Animals have their network of neuron synapses, electrophysiological and PEPS circuits and memory.

Plants however have their network of chloroplasts connected by stromules, electrophysiological and PEPS circuits transduced by bundle sheath cells and cellular light memory that regulates SAAR. Our results suggest that plants are intelligent organisms capable of performing a sort of thinking process (understood as at the same time and non-stress conditions capable of performing several different scenarios of possible future definitive responses), and capable of memorizing this training. Indeed leaves in the dark are able to not only “see” the light, but also are able to differently remember its spectral composition and use this memorized information to increase their Darwinian fitness.