We are the heirs and propagators of Paganism …

Happy is he who, for the sake of Paganism, bears the burden of persecution with firm hope.

Who else have civilised the world, and built cities if not the nobles and kings of Paganism.

Who else have set in order the harbours and rivers?

And who else have taught the hidden wisdom?

To whom else has the Deity revealed itself, given oracles, and told about the future, if not to the famous men among the pagans?

The pagans have made known all of this.

They have discovered the art of healing the soul.

They have also made known the art of healing the body.

They have filled the earth with settled forms of government, and with wisdom, which is the highest good.

Without Paganism the world would be empty and miserable.

Thabit ibn Qurrah (835-901) _ student of Harran’s university.