XIII Death:

Lasting emotional change. Deep emotional healing. Regeneration. Elimination. Purgation. Severance. Cleansing. Severed attachments. Metamorphosis. Catharsis. Destruction. Removal of imperfection. 

Determination. Willfulness. Intensity. Purpose. Assertiveness. Compulsion. Desire.

Exposing the false. Face behind persona. Hidden self. Detection. 

Unseen complexes and drives. Psychological insight. Psychological expertise. Reading subtext. Subtle awareness. Penetration into The Mysteries. Secret knowledge. Occultism.

Scientific research. Physics. Genetics. Biology. Forensics. Behaviorism. Therapy. 

Iconoclasm. Rebellion. Revolution. Revolt. Schism. Dissent. Militancy. Counter-cultural people. Subversive attitudes and behavior. 

Finances. Resources. Investments. Business ventures and opportunities. Powerful allies: Their wealth and role. Corporations. Big money. Loans. Legacies. Endowments. Bequests. Possessions and resources of other people. 


Upheaval. Resistance. Defensiveness. Grievance. Intense thoughts infused with emotion. Abuse of power. Obsession. Manipulation. Maliciousness. Cruelty. Extreme iconoclasm. Rebelliousness. Hostility. Relentless self criticism. Complaint. Accusation. Blame. Pessimism. Depression. Inability to have fun. Inability to see the Lighter Side. Mental imbalance. Emotional discord. Criminality. Perversion. Sexual deviance. Warped genius, Clandestine activity. Secret agendas. Occultism. Evil. 


Falling out with allies. Loss of resources. Being denied legacies or resources. Financial losses. Warning against investment. Lack of emotional depth. Superficiality. Conventionality. Lack of subtlety. Toxicity. Lack of inner work. Recalcitrance. Avoidance of change. Loss of a loved one. Loss of a partner. Absence of meaningful relationship. Powerlessness. 

(the reversal advises that we strengthen the positive or release the negative traits associated with the card)


Sexual organs. Large intestine. Digestion. Hormones. Glands. Organs. Subtle Nadis (nerves)

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