Seal ring cast in gold with inscribed nephrite, late 15th-early 16th century, from Iran or Central Asia (source). 

The Arabic inscription in the center of the stone states “Glorified be he who will not die,” and is surrounded by an invocation to ‘Ali ibn Abi Taleb: “Call upon ‘Ali, the revealer of miracles made manifest; you will find him a comfort to you in times of misfortune. All your cares are sorrows will disappear through your companionship; O ‘Ali, O ‘Ali, O ‘Ali!”

The Persian inscription around the bezel is as follows: “O my Lord! Instead of writing Thy name, I say the following words. O my soul! In consequence of my love, Thy image is everywhere with me. O my soul! Be as wise in conversation as Solomon. My world and heaven are in this ring.”

The text on the stone is written in mirror reverse, suggesting that the stone may once have served as a seal. Further tiny poetic inscriptions in cartouches around the golden bezel contain prayerlike verses, perhaps invested with apotropaic qualities, placed there to ensure the safety of its wearer. 

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