Breathing into outer space

“Therefore Nous has taken the Soul as a cover and the Soul, being itself divine, uses breath as fire and the breath governs living things” CH 10.17

Breath as the vehicle of the Soul in the body, what exactly does this entail? Is there, for example, a specific molecule that embodies Soul (e.g. nitrous oxide _ refer William James) and if so is Soul conveyed/carried by such molecule, and if that is the case is it possible that the world soul is manifest as a particular element in the atmosphere? As this possibility is more exclusive than inclusive, and would restrict the presence of Soul in some areas and for some beings, I therefore consider it unlikely.

“The finest part of matter is Air, of Air, Soul, of Soul, Nous, of Nous, God” CH 06.11

If air is the finest part of material existence then the combination of the gases making up the atmosphere at any particular moment in time are representative of the status/condition of the Anima Mundi at that point?

What then is breathing, is it the continuous and active circulation of the World Soul through the body? The finer aspects of matter permeating the body and linking it to the planet, in which case are we as conscious beings separable from the planet?

Space travel, does our consciousness alter once we no longer breath the atmosphere of the planet. What are the effects of long period separation from the planets atmosphere, are we (mankind) separating our consciousness from that of the planet, does this mean that our Souls are sufficiently developed to take such a step? Or is the planetary consciousness of which we are a part, is ready to extend beyond itself and reach out into the solar system?