Nina Paley’s Burning Bush

If you are not already familiar with her work then do yourself a massive favour and go visit Nina’s blog, here is a link Blog.NinaPaley

In the Exodus (YouTube link above) the burning bush is portrayed in a very interesting way (02:00 to 02:40), with numerous eyes.


The Hedge Mason is a fascinating blog by Eoghan Ballard who is a Folklorist and Ethnographer specializing in Afro-Caribbean traditions of Central African origin.

It has been suggested that the burning bush witnessed by Moses in the Old Testament was an Acacia Senegal tree.  This tree is still held sacred in the Middle East, and it is said that anyone who breaks off a twig will die in a year.  It has even been suggested by scholar Benny Shanon, Professor of psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), whose main foci of research  are the phenomenology of human consciousness and the philosophy of psychology, (His publications include The Representational and the Presentational (1993) and The Antipodes of the Mind (2002);  At present, he is working on a book devoted to a general psychological theory of human consciousness) that Moses composed an ayahuasca analog from acacia resin and syrian rue, an MAOI, and that this allowed him to see his visions of Yahweh, the burning bush, and so forth.

Article link The Buried Secrets of Freemasonry: Acacia

Many who have experienced ayahuasca will be familiar with eyes looking back, the artist Alex Grey captures it very well.

Alex Gray EYES

Is it just a coincidence that eyes were used?  Nina, drop me a line pls ;-)


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