One decade coming up in November

In November this year a full decade will have passed since the initial posting on the current site Holy Art Thou, the site was initially started in 2007 as a free WordPress blog, it then went through a lot of change with near all of the content (95% plus) being removed with the registration of this domain and the current sites focus.

During the third year anniversary month (Nov 2011) the site received an awesome review from EC Ballard at the The HedgeMason.

Screen shot Hermesphilus Review Hedge Mason

Where Hermeticism defined the content of the first version of the site, the current focus is predominantly on Hermetica and the bit of hermeticism specific to geomance.

I am considering doing a posting in November which will explain the origin of the name Hermesphilus, its meaning and the reason for the sites level of anonymity.







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